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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hello Readers,
I made my boo-boo somewhere within my writings! So when you find something about "1 child"... please let the following serve as my correction...until someone cuts and pastes the section so I may correct it in its proper place.
An "Anonymous" brought it to my attention, and I appreciate that. God knows this old woman needs all the help she can get.

Response to Anonymous:

Actually, it's an original typo. You are correct. Heavens, that “1 child” would be bigger than Alaska! Thank you for catching that. Should read, "1 horse could feed 4 children for near a year." I’ll make that correction now.
I remembered around 2:30 a.m. how that guesstimate was arrived at: An average horse will dress out at about 400 lbs. and if 4 kiddos had a max of 1/4 lb. a day...or something like that… Anyway, you get the main jest. A horse has essentials that can extend human lives beyond its death. And that…is a good, benevolent thing.
BTW “Anonymous,” compared to canned robotic rant from tigergressbythetail, you thoughtfully present your arguments. I appreciate that. That’s why I take time from what I need to be doing, to give you the courtesy of a response.
Thank you.

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