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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The Free-Roaming Wild Horse & Burro Act 1971 (WHBA) calls for the preservation of wild horses. Welfare Cowboy challenges the breed authenticity of BLM’s claim “Wild.”
Here are some reasons why: Welfare Cowboy has knowledge of BLM agents planting paint horse stud(s) in feral horse herds, “to breed for color;” Feral Horses are ranch horses released over more than a hundred years, thereby contaminating any remnants of what may have been “pure” herds of perhaps Spanish decent; BLM “handles” (vaccinates, tags etc.) feral horses.
We believe these knowns give scientific justification enough to more accurately refer to said horses and burros as “Feral.”
If 25,000 is the number that is sustainable on the range - that meets the requirements.
Anything over and above “excess,” government should dispose of so as not to incur any unnecessary costs to taxpayer.
(f) "excess animals" means wild free-roaming horses or burros (1) which have been removed from an area by the Secretary pursuant to application law or, (2) which must be removed from an area in order to preserve and maintain a thriving natural ecological balance and multiple-use relationship in that area. WHBA
Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar chooses not to exercise his authority to remove feral horses and honor said “ecological balance and multiple-use” requirement.
(C) The Secretary shall cause additional excess wild free roaming horses and burros for which an adoption demand by qualified individuals does not exist to be destroyed in the most humane and cost efficient manner possible. WHBA
Yet Secretary Salazar chooses not to “destroy in most humane…”
It’s become evident Federal government does not intend to implement the requirements of the WHBA. Here’s what BLM Director Bob Abbey has to say about it: “We recommended the establishment of new wild horse preserves across the nation, particularly on the productive grasslands of the Midwest and East that could be a home for thousands of horses that the BLM currently holds in short-term corrals and long-term pastures.”
Bob Abbey’s way to establish “new wild horse preserves across the nation,” is revealing itself by destroying agreements between BLM and grazing allotment Permittees.
With the excess - some 50,000 horses - at about $400.00 per head annual - for board/room/medical/handling - then consider cost of "bureaucracy" at an additional $200.00 a head, that's 30 million a year that taxpayers are being duped out of so that those in love with feral horses can express their feelings.
Furthermore, those in love with feral horses should be identified and held wholly accountable for feral horse’s board. It’s illegal for anyone to force a fiduciary responsibility of their pet ownership on another.
Welfare Cowboy – General Concept
Having firsthand experience with being forced to forgo 45% of his AUM’s in order to accommodate excessive feral horses; Charles W. Sylvester initiated "Welfare Cowboy" on December 15, 2010.
Mr. Sylvester took a bigger view of the matter, thinking there should be a better way to help the horses, help the people, and spread the base of benefits. So in continuing his passion of helping those in need, Chuck thought this would be a beautiful way for feral horses to serve more than the handful of people who just “looked at them;” his idea would provide essential protein and feed starving families worldwide.
He also figured this would save a huge part of the economic base of the many states that now house feral horses.
1) Welfare Cowboy would help BLM gather, then harvest and process (into hamburger or canned) the excess feral horses.
2) The canned hamburger could then be shipped to hungry children in need of protein, and starving people in areas of crisis such as Haiti, Japan and more.

3) Welfare Cowboy would also take donations of domestic horses and wild game.
Side Notes
Feeding the hungry children of the world does draw lots of attention, donations, etc...
Regardless political or religious beliefs, Welfare Cowboy believes this holds great promise of uniting our naturally benevolent society in common cause.
Unwanted feral horses and aged domestic horses are a source of protein that is going unutilized, except for dog food use. Common sense would dictate these factors could be combined to relieve human suffering.
Of interest: Horses and pigs, according to Leviticus, are two meats not to be consumed by humans because they do not have cloven hoofs (horses) or chew their cud. One Rabbi said in an emergency it was permissible to eat non-kosher meat if one did not "suck on the bone" or in other words… enjoy it too much.
What country would the horses be harvested in and the meat processed for potential distribution? What method of processing; Canning of the meat, dehydration of the meat, flash frozen, and/or others? Will congressional delegation direct BLM to cooperate in this effort?

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